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Hi!  I'm Blake Congdon, wildlife Filmmaker.  My work with Fireflies was recently featured on Natgeo's "Supernatural".  Watch my behind the scenes film here to learn the crazy story of how it all happened 

Five Years with Fireflies will soon be published here.  Here's a quick trailer:

National Geographic Short Film Winner

Where can I see the National Geographic
Supernatural Mexico Fireflies?


The fireflies are located in the forests between Mexico City and Puebla, Mexico.  The closest town to the forest reserves is Nanacamilpa.  This area was once private logging land and is still privately owned.  There are about a dozen reserves you can access from Nanacamilpa. Each offer great firefly experiences.

Common question:

  • Where did you film the Firefly scenes I saw in National Geographic's "Supernatural" on Disney+? That's a closely guarded secret!  It was on private land near the public firefly reserves of Nanacamilpa.     

  • Will you show me the spot?  Maybe!  DM me at Blake.Congdon on Instagram :) 


How do I visit Mexico's Fireflies?

It's easy to visit the fireflies of Mexico in Nanacamilpa!  Fly to Mexico City.  Drive 2 hours to Nanacamilpa.  Book a room in town or in one of the lodges in the forest.  Then enter one of the public reserves before 7pm any time from Late-June until Mid-August. The timing depends on the spring rain more than anything else.  Earlier rain means an earlier firefly season.

Common question:

  •  How many nights should I stay?  3 nights minimum to maximize your chances.  The fireflies don't come out when there's a full moon, cold, or hard rain.     

  • Will you show me the spot where you filmed Supernatural?  You're still asking! Well maybe!  Write me! 

  • What are my chances of seeing what you filmed in Supernatural?  Medium to low, to be honest.  A cloudy day with a little rain, cool but not cold with no moon in Mid-July on a weekday will give you the best odds.  But the fireflies are magical every night no matter how many come out! And most nights you'll see at least some during the mating season.  

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